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Day in Rock Report for 09/14/2023

Duran Duran have revealed the official music video for their latest track and album namesake Danse Macabre. With creative director Linc Gasking at the helm, this stunning new clip showcases cutting-edge, AI-driven techniques, some of which were only launched as recently as last weekend. The culmination is a 3D animated masterpiece that, in previous times, would have demanded an entire team, over a year and a substantial budget to produce.

Speaking about the video, keyboardist Nick Rhodes reveals, "I like the idea that if you can imagine something you can make it come to life, well at least in animated form... With the Danse Macabre video we did exactly that. We began by deciding who would be on the ultimate Halloween party guest list, then a selection of witches, mythical beasts, vampires and demons were rapidly developed, using the latest AI animation techniques. I was truly astonished when I first started to see the results. It was something that would have previously taken a team months in an animation studio, but it was all happening almost instantly in front of our eye (continue)

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Mr. Big is ready to bring "The BIG Finish" to South America, Europe, and the U.S. The first batch of shows throughout the States will start January 12, 2024 in Houston, TX at the Rise Rooftop. More U.S. dates will be announced soon.

One particular aspect of this upcoming final run that MR. BIG are excited about to a man is the decision to perform the entirety of their breakthrough Platinum-selling 1991 album LEAN INTO IT from start to finish as a featured highlight of the live setlist. (To be sure, the full setlist will encompass Mr. Big's entire career.) Fact is, LEAN INTO IT is the perfect litmus testament to the band's inherent dexterity at blending a variety of styles together, whether it's the heady rocking brew of "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind," the power-drilled and power-chorded identity checklist "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy," or the truly heartfelt sentiments found within "To Be With You," MR. BIG's chart-topping, worldwide #1 smash hit single. (continue)

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Foreigner, the band behind some of rock's most timeless songs wrapped up the first leg of their Farewell Tour with a slew of sold-out shows, enthusiastic reviews, and box-office records.

The tour will continue through the fall with a string of sold-out indoor events that will bring the excitement to fans in secondary markets across the USA. The band reached hundreds of thousands of loyal fans as they rocked across the US and Canada on the first leg of their Farewell Tour, which grossed over $18,000,000, making it one of the most successful classic rock tours of the summer. (continue)

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(hennemusic) Clutch has released a 2022 concert in Nashville, TN as the fourth package in their new live "PA Tapes" series. The 20-song performance last September 24 mixes tracks from the band's career alongside material from its latest album, "Sunrise On Slaughter Beach."

The members of the group take turns choosing the setlist and, on this night it was singer Neil Fallon's turn. "Marathon Music Works is one of our favorite venues in the U.S.," says Fallon. "The crowds there make it easy to have a good time and we certainly did just that on September 24th." (continue)

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Chicago is lighting up the holidays with a new collection that combines songs from all three of its beloved Christmas albums. The legendary "rock band with horns" will even add a few of those holiday classics to its live shows during its current tour.

Chicago Greatest Christmas Hits arrives November 3 on CD for $14.98, red vinyl for $21.98, and digitally. A green-vinyl version will also be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble. The festive compilation shines a spotlight on Chicago's unmistakable sound across 13 yuletide favorites, including "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow," "All Over The World," "Wonderful Christmas Time" (featuring Dolly Parton), and "Winter Wonderland." The tracks originally appeared on Chicago XXV: The Christmas Album (1998), What's It Gonna Be, Santa?(2003), Chicago XXXIII: O Christmas Three (2011), and Chicago XXXVII: Chicago Christmas (2019). Earlier this year, Chicago XXV: The Christmas Album and What's It Gonna Be, Santa? were both certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). (continue)

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Trivium singer and guitarist Matthew Kiichi Heafy released RASHOMON , the long-awaited and much-anticipated album from his IBARAKI project, last year via Nuclear Blast.

Today, Heafy has shared the video for "Jigoku Dayu," which was directed by Black Card Films. "When I first witnessed the original classic Japanese painting of Jigoku Dayu, I was mesmerized; then I read the story," Heafy explains. The story is one that still haunts me to this day: a woman captured, enslaved, and forced into a world of servitude. The kimono she forged for herself depicted all the scenes of hell - a metaphor of the prison she now lived in." (continue)

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The Rolling Stones today reveal the full track list of their hugely anticipated new album, Hackney Diamonds, to be released October 20th on Geffen Records. Album opener, the recently released single "Angry," is followed by a further 11 tracks.

Late drummer Charlie Watts is featured on two tracks, "Mess It Up" and "Live By The Sword." "Live By The Sword" additionally features bass from former Stones bassist Bill Wyman. "Sweet Sounds Of Heaven" featuring vocals from Lady Gaga and keys & piano from Stevie Wonder, "Bite My Head Off" with bass from Paul McCartney, and "Get Close" and "Live By The Sword" with piano from Elton John. (continue)

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Motorhead have shared a new video for a previously unreleased, demo version of 'Climber' (aka Shine) and revealed the details for the expanded deluxe "Another Perfect Day" 40th anniversary reissue that will be released on November 3rd.

Always the most controversial album in Moto rhead's catalogue, Another Perfect Day was up against it from the start. After former Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson replaced Fast Eddie Clarke, the band's sixth studio album presented what Lemmy called a more "musical" approach, the classic line-up's full-tilt ferocity harnessed to more traditional guitar rock tropes enhanced by carefully crafted production. (continue)

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Derek Smalls, the bass force formerly of the fabled heavy metal band formerly known as Spinal Tap, is back with a vengeance - this time with his sights firmly set on the movie phenomenon of 2023, that advocate of everything pink and fluffy, Barbie. The self-described embodiment of lukewarm water reaches boiling point with Smalls' first track in five years, "Must Crush Barbie," an excoriating attack on the pink sensation available everywhere now via Bottomland Productions / Immortal Records.

"Must Crush Barbie" possesses the trademark qualities that Smalls and Spinal Tap are known for - raw, bass-heavy, and most importantly, LOUD, offering a much-needed antidote to the ubiquitous pinkness that has spilled out of movie theatres this summer and onto the high streets with wall-to-wall media coverage. With Barbie's forthcoming streaming premiere promising no let-up on the horizon, the furious salvo that is "Must Crush Barbie" offers some kind of relief. (continue)

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Venera, the hypnotic, ambient duo featuring Atlanta-based composer/filmmaker Chris Hunt and James Shaffer (Korn), have shared a third, and final preview of the pair's forthcoming album, Venera (Oct. 13, Ipecac Recordings), with the release of "Disintegration".

"We hoped to explore drifting, gridless timelines of drums and guitars, which converge midway in a wall of harmony and chorale," explains Hunt of the five-minute song that features drummer Deantoni Parks (Mars Volta, John Cale). He continues, speaking directly to the video, which also features words by author Blake Butler: "Blake's text sees and explodes light and experience in a way that is deeply committed to density and emotion - an honest voice in 'Disintegration.'" (continue)

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(hennemusic) Metallica is streaming pro-shot video of a performance of "Moth Into Flame" from an August 20 show in Arlington, TX. The second single from 2016's "Hardwired... to Self-Destruct" was featured during the second of two shows at the city's AT&T Stadium on the M72 World Tour.

As part of the series' "no repeat weekends" concept - which sees Metallica play two nights in every city it visits while delivering two completely different set lists - the group performed 32 different songs from 13 albums during the August weekend event in Arlington. (continue)

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Of Virtue have released the video for new single "True Colors," the latest track off their upcoming album Omen, that is due out September 29 via Arising Empire.

Guitar and vocalist Damon Tate comments, "The wise Maya Angelou said, 'When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.' This is also true of drug addiction. This disease can wear many faces and often times, we choose to ignore the obvious red flags that are right in front of us. Because of our own struggles, insecurities or reasons for wanting to drown out the pain, we allow these things to have agency over our actions and our way of life, contributing to the vicious cycle that is so hard to break. It can be easy to blame the vice or behaviors for the misery that is brought in our lives. 'True Colors' is also indicative of another hard truth: What you consume, what/who you believe you are...can become your new reality and 'true' self." (continue)

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Minneapolis-based power pop / indie rock outfit The Persian Leaps present their new single 'Jeane', released via Land Ski Records. This propulsive and addictive rendition of one of The Smiths' lesser known tracks celebrates the band's colossal body of work and the impact it has had on so many people.

Originally released in 1983 as the B-side to 'This Charming Man' on 7-inch vinyl, it would later be re-released in several formats in 1992. Unpretentious and with pop sensibility, this version is a true delight. (continue)

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Youth Fountain, the emo / pop-punk project from guitarist/vocalist Tyler Zanon, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated 3rd studio album, Together In Lonesome.

The news comes with lead single and music video, "Fallen Short". Together In Lonesome is set to be released on November 3rd via Pure Noise Records. "This record lyrically touches on the feelings of essentially losing everything that ever mattered to me and going through the motions, twists and turns of what life has thrown at me over the past decade of my life," Zanon shares. "Mostly overcoming the loss of a significant other and overwhelming emotions of never feeling like I could be enough for anyone or anything I pursue. With this record being the project's third release I knew I wanted to try and do something super special as a follow up to the sophomore album. I would say this record is a pretty dark love story album and I hope it means a lot to all the fans of Youth Fountain." (continue)

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San Diego-based Embers' latest single "Scratch My Name" is out now and will be followed by an a-list collaboration and new EP titled, 'To: The Moon,' coming soon!

Embers says, "I wrote this song while on the road and dealing with the ups and downs of trying to maintain a relationship. I wanted to capture the sound that reminds me of singing along to my favorite bands in the car, but with the lyrics of an emo revenge banger." (continue)

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17-year-old genre-bending artist Ben Goldsmith is releasing his debut album, "The World Between My Ears" on September 22nd. To celebrate we asked him to tell about the album's latest single "Blown Away". Here is the story:

I wrote "Blown Away" with Bobby Bare Jr last summer. Bobby came to the write with this Roy Orbison meets Revolver era Beatles verse melody and I was so intrigued by it. It sounded so different, but it had a somewhat fresh vibe too. I hummed out the chorus melody really fast, and once we got the music component down, we wrote the words. The lyrics are about a high school aged teenager who lost the girl he wanted and ended up getting his heart broken. With Bobby being so good at edgy lyrics, there's kind of an angsty spin on it. (continue)

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