by Adrian Alfonso

At lot has happened to Kittie since the last time they put out an album, Fallon Bowman their original guitar player left, replaced by Lisa Marx and they have added a new bass player Jennifer Arroyo after Talena left. Considering that their last album, Oracle, had to be one of the biggest wastes of time ever. Which had only two songs that were worth a listen, "Pink Lemonade" and "Safe". Kittie has some developing to do. What did I think after hearing the album? KITTIE IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! 

Kittie's first album, Spit, their biggest seller to date, was pop metal at its finest. We all know the songs "Charlotte" and "Brackish" (at least young female metal fans), and have heard those songs over and over. But Until the End is nothing like Spit. Kittie are a million miles away from that, their roots.

The first song on the album "Looks So Pretty" sets the style for the rest of the album. Slighty mid-tempo heavy riffs, catchy breakdowns. In "Career Suicide" Mercedes Lander seems to have invested most of her time working on her vocals, switching from loud roars to melodic, clean singing. The best songs though are "Until the End" and "Into the Darkness". One major complaint I do have with this album is how repetitive it gets at times, songs like "Daughters Drown" and "Burning Bridges" sound so much alike and the end of the album all together sounds very generic as far as metal goes.

As far as lyrics go you aren't going to find anything really deep or inspiring. Just typical generic metal lyrics. "Wide awake and dreaming, is this what it seems, close my eyes forever", is from the song "In Dreams", and thatís about the deepest things get. 

Needless to say Morgan and her sister Mercedes (drums) have gotten a lot heavier and talented, they can definitely play with the big boys, despite the fact that they attempted the same thing on Oracle, Until the End is everything that Oracle tried to be but wasn't. 

Most older Kittie fans from their Spit days will probably dislike this album, since it lacks the catchy riffs that made them so popular when they first came out. If they wanted something heavier they could have just gone out and buy something else. 

All in all this is a big improvement over their last album, they are a lot heavier, a lot more talented, and a lot more focused. Can they roll with the big dogs? Yes. Are Kittie going to be remembered as one of the all time greatest rock groups? Not yet. But Until the End is proof that the two Lander sisters are out to prove that they aren't little girls trying to be metal. They ARE metal.

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Kittie - Until The End
Label: Artemis Records

Looks So Pretty
Career Suicide
Until The End
Red Flag
In Dreams
Into The Darkness
 Burning Bridges
Daughters Down
Into The Darkness - (vocal remix)
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CD Info and Links

Listen to Samples and Purchase This CD online

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