Lights Announces dEd Reimagined Album


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Lights Cover art
Cover art

(Elektra) Lights has announced dEd, a reimagined version of her critically acclaimed album PƎP, arriving April 7. Flipping the energetic, danceable record on its head (even the tracklist is reversed), dEd, ironically, breathes new life into the album's 13 tracks with dreamy, electronic reinterpretations. The announcement is heralded by the release of "Voices Carry (dEd version)."is available now. dEd is available for presave now via Fueled By Ramen.

"After each of my last four albums I've released acoustic counterparts - it's something that fans expect at this point," notes Lights. "But PƎP never felt like an acoustic thing to me. I actually haven't picked up my acoustic guitar in a long time, it's just not right for this era. PƎP is alt, hyper and vibrantly sarcastic, visually extravagant and exaggerated in all forms, so I wanted its counterpart to be the absolute opposite: dark, chill and electronic. I enjoyed really developing my production toolset, digging into the chill step genre, using heavy bass tones set on dreamy soundscapes. If PƎP is for dancing and feeling yourself, dEd is for driving and making out. After all, dEd is PEP turned PƎP down-even the tracklist is reversed."

Speaking on "Voices Carry (dEd version)," Lights added, "'Voices Carry' was actually one of the more challenging PƎP songs to adapt to a chill version because it's fairly low key in its original form. I decided that in this case, less is more and used very few tracks, focusing on simple electronic elements, deep sub and dreamy pads, letting the vocals shine like the lyric wants."

1. Grip (dEd version)
2. Voices Carry (dEd version)
3. Okay Okay (dEd version)
4. Easy Money (dEd version)
5. Real Thing (feat Elohim) (dEd version)
6. Sparky (dEd version)
7. Rent (dEd version)
8. Jaws (dEd version)
9. Money In The Bag (ft. Kiesza) (dEd version)
10. Salt and Vinegar (dEd version)
11. Prodigal Daughter (dEd version)
12. In My Head (ft. Josh Dun) (dEd version)
13. Beside Myself (dEd version)

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