Nick & June Premiere Session Video of 'Anything but Time'


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Nick June Cover art
Cover art

(Raybee) Enigmatic noir-pop duo Nick & June premiere live session video for "Anything But Time". "We have always been inspired by books, movies... and music itself, of course. But this time it was even more special," says Nick Wolf of Germany's indie-pop duo NICK & JUNE about their dreamy new EP, Beach Baby, Baby, released independently last Friday, May 12.

"We came out of a long break and suddenly we were in the middle of a pandemic. We watched, read, listened to a lot... many classic films, all-time favorites or hidden treasures that we stumbled across. And it all flowed into the EP. Maybe that's why the overall concept of the EP has a cinematic touch," he adds.

Built from a series of intriguing singles that showcase different aspects of their artistry - the synth-driven "Anything but Time," the mysterious and melancholy toned "Hugh Grant & His Consequence" and the folksy "Manic Pixie Dream Girl," - Nick & June exhibit a wide world of musical possibilities in a relatively short span of seven songs on Beach Baby, Baby. The EP comes complete with a pair of striking covers (Elvis, Bowie) and a curious introduction that sets the stage, "Bonjour Tristesse," (in English, "Hello Sadness"), perhaps inspired by the homonymous 1954 Francoise Sagan novel or a French surrealist poem by Paul √Čluard, of the same name. The pair likes to keep listeners guessing.

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Nick & June Premiere Session Video of 'Anything but Time'

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