Gary Jules Mad World Holiday Hit

12-28-03 Keavin
The Gary Jules and Michael Andrews haunting remake of the Tears for Fears song �Mad World� has become the surprise hit of the year in the UK.  While the US charts seem pretty ho-hum this holiday season the UK chart has been a real battle ground with bookmakers taking bets on who would top the charts. �Mad World� was not the odds on favorite and its success came as rather a surprise for many. 

The cover song came out of no where to become a hit. Jules recorded the track for an estimated cost of $50 in Andrews� basement and was used in the soundtrack and key closing scene in the 2001 cult film �Donnie Darko�. 

The contenders for the UK chart crown had to settle for second lesser spots on the charts. The odds makers looked for The Darkness, Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne or the Pop Idols to top the charts. 

The Darkness seemed to be the strongest challenger last week, taking the number two slot with their Christmas single. But they were unseated and relegated to third place by Ozzy and Kelly Osbournes rehashing of the Black Sabbath classic 'Changes'. 

Many thought that the Pop Idols were strong contenders for the top spot but the single from the UK�s version of the American Idol franchise only managed to land at No. 7 this week with their cover of the John Lennon anti-war holiday song �Happy Xmas (War Is Over)�.  That track was at No. 5 last week.