Radiohead Complete Work on New CD, Plan Spring Release. 

01-03-03 antiGUY
Radiohead have finished recording their next studio album, according to a report from Australian music news site Undercover. 

The band entered the studio late last year and recording the album in eight weeks with most of tracks being recorded in Los Angeles followed up with some sessions in Oxford. The album is expected to hit stores sometime between April and June.  

Undercover reported the following:   

The new record is said to be a return to the sound of 'The Bends', their break through second album. Songs are described as 'mostly dark'.

The album is yet to be sequenced but songtitles[sic] from the  sessions are 'There There', 'Scatterbrain', 'Sit Down Stand Up', 'Myxomatosis', 'Sail To The Moon', 'We Suck Young Blood', 'Up On The Ladder', '2 + 2 = 5', 'Where I End And You Begin', 'Punchup At The Wedding' and 'Big Ideas'. 

While on their recent European tour the band also premiered a number of other songs. They were 'I Will',  'Wicked Child', 'Follow Me Around', 'Keep The Wolf From The Door' and 'Go To Sleep'.

Add to those titles a few more included on recent webcasts 'Good Morning Mr Magpie' and 'I Froze Up' and you can see that the band have just come through a prolific period.

The most recent performance by Radiohead was a Christmas day webcast appearance on their website when they appeared in Saddam and George Dubya masks and performed 'Winter Wonderland'.

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