The Day In Rock July 17, 2003 - A Perfect Circle, MP3 Jail, The Osbournes, Nickelback, Creed, Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes and Tupac 

07-18-03 Keavin Wiggins
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A Perfect Single
A Perfect Circle have selected the song "Weak and Powerless" to be the first single from their sophomore album, "Thirteenth Step". The single is scheduled to go to radio on August 4th and the album will be in stores on September 16th. 

Share An MP3 � Go To Jail
Proving that Congress has nothing better to do with their time than dream up new laws, two Democratic Congressmen introduced a law into the House on Wednesday that would throw file sharers in Federal prison. Wonder who�s lobbyists were behind this one?  - Click Here for the Full Story

The Osbournes Up For an Emmy
You know that Armageddon is just around the corner when Ozzy Osbourne gets nominated for a bleeping Emmy two years in a row. The Osbournes, staring �Prince of Darkness� Ozzy, �head of the household� Sharon, �I inherited my talent from my mom�s side� Kelly and �Hey, don't Bogart that� Jack, is up for an Emmy in the "Alternative Programming" category. 

The Osbournes will have to duke it out with �Da Ali G Show� and �Cirque Du Soleil Fire Within�. 

The clan won an Emmy for "Outstanding Non-Fiction Programming (Reality)" last year.

Meanwhile, Ozzy is reportedly back on tour with the SharonFest after missing a couple of dates due to laryngitis. Did he lose his voice yelling at Kelly to shut up? Find out when the third season of the Osbournes hits the airwaves early next year.  - Click Here for the Full Story

Nickelback�s Long Road
Road Runner Records:  The upcoming Nickelback release - titled �The Long Road� - is basically 110% complete, and will be release[d] on September 23rd� The video for the album's first single, "Someday", was recently shot in Vancouver by video director Nigel Dick. � Following the release of "The Long Road", Nickelback will be embarking on a major US tour this Fall. - Click Here for the Full Story

The White Stripes Postpone Tour
Billboard - Following a hand injury to singer/guitarist Jack White, the White Stripes have postponed their 18 North American tour dates through Aug. 10 in Detroit. According to the band, "every effort is being made to reschedule these shows as soon as possible." - Click Here for the Full Story

Led Zeppelin Headed For DVD Audio
The 5.1 DVD-Audio version of LED ZEPPELIN's recently issued  three-CD package of live recordings from two Southern California concerts in 1972, "How The West Was Won", is tentatively scheduled to be released on October 7.  "Moby Dick" in 5.1? "You can't handle that on strong acid." - Click Here for the Full Story

Scott Stapp A Bad Actor?
MTV - Three months after four fans sued Creed alleging that Scott Stapp was so wasted he couldn't perform at a December show in Chicago, the band's singer has responded and denied the allegations� Stapp said that what fans mistook for him passing out onstage during the song "Who's Got My Back" was actually a piece of rock and roll theater in which he lay down to make a point. "It was a symbolic, personal gesture," Stapp said. "I had some things going on in my life. I kind of felt alone. And it was a symbol that I didn't think anybody had my back at the time. Some people get it. Some people don't." 

Sure Scott, what would have happened if he got pulled over that night after the gig? �No officer, I wasn�t drinking and driving. I felt kind of alone.  And my swerving and hitting that light pole was a symbol that I felt sorry for myself for selling millions of albums."  - Click Here for the Full Story

Tupac 101
Tupac isn't rock but we couldn't let this one go by without a mention.

Don�t tell your parents that the thousands of dollars that they spent on college tuition is going to be spent on studying the �literary influences in the work of Tupac�. 

The folks at Hip-hop music site SOHO think that it�s a great idea. We aren�t sure if the writer who wrote the following is actually Tupac�s publicist. Then again this could be a hoax like Metallica suing a band for using guitar chords.  Soho writes, �Tupac continues to solidify himself as not only a rap idol, but also an American icon. Like many of the historical greats taught and revered in the halls of colleges and universities, the works of the late, great Tupac Shakur will be the subject of a class for the upcoming fall 2003 semester at The University of Washington.�  What would Penn and Teller say to that? Ok Penn... - Click Here for the Full Story

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