Lollapalooza Opener Cancelled. 

06-18-03 antiGUY
Michigan fans who hoped to catch the kick off date of the Lollapalooza festival on July 3rd, received bad news yesterday when the gig was cancelled. The date will not be rescheduled.  

The reason for the cancellation? The party line from the Janeís Addiction camp is the fact that the groupís stage set wouldnít fit into the venue.  So if we go with that explaination then we are to believe that Perry Farrell and co decided to pull the plug rather than biting the bullet and offering fans a stripped down stage set, but still allowing them to see the show that also includes sets from Audioslave, Incubus, The Donnas, Queens of the Stone Age and over a dozen other bands.  

Some speculate that soft tickets sales may have more to do with the cancellation. The official word out of the Lollapalooza camp says that ticket sales had nothing to do with the show being pulled.  

One reason for this show's soft ticket sales may be the fact that other stops on the tour are planned in the nearby cities of Grand Rapids and Lansing. 

Lionel Haskins, manager of the Ionia County Fairgrounds, where the show was to take place, dismissed the stage claim in statements to the press. Haskins said that the area where the show was to be held does not have itís own stage and the tour would have to bring their own. 

The tour will now officially kick off on July 5th in Noblesville, Indiana and hit just under 30 cities before concluding on August 23rd in Seattle. 

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