Musical Chairs for ill Nino, Static-X, Machine Head, Seether & Godhead 

06-24-03 antiGUY
There is a serious game of musical chairs being played in hard rock circles as of late.  

Here is how the game has been played thus far. 

Former Static-X drummer Ken Jay has now officially joined Godhead. Static-X has replaced Ken with Seether’s Nick Oshiro. 

Ill Nino is having a field day with replacements. They have recruited former Machine Head guitarist Ahrue Luster to replace Marc Rizzo and hired on Danny Couto to replace Roger Vasquez.  

Godhead frontman Jason Miller discussed the hiring of Ken Jay in a statement. He said in part, "When we first found out that we were going to lose Tom, we auditioned drummers hoping to find someone just as good. When we got Ken Jay we found someone who makes the entire band better! I can't TELL you how excited we all are to have Ken in the band! He's an incredible drummer and a great, great guy! Our tour dates are going to be Posted next week and I can't wait for you to hear what we sound like with Ken in the driver's seat!"

Static-X also went on the record about their lineup changes. Wayne Static had this to say, "Finding the right drummer to nail the old songs and cop the feel for the groove of the new songs was tricky, but Nick completely mastered the task."

Guitarist Tripp Eisen added, "It felt great from the first song we played with Nick. He plowed into 'Bled For Days' and then 'Love Dump' and we knew we had the right guy. His new energy is very inspiring for us and now we can't wait to get out on the road and just kill."

Ill Nino had this to say on their website about the new hiring’s:

"It's a great new start," says Chavarri. "Everyone in the band feels amazing about the two new guys and we can't wait to get out on the road and f*** s*** up."

 Did You Know? Ahrue has been friends with Ill Nino for quite some time now, as they previously toured the U.S. and Europe together back when Ahrue was in Machine Head. True. Biggest reason for tagging Ahrue as the new guitarist? "From the first rehearsal...he fit in immediately," tells Chavarri. The band tried out a half dozen guitarists, but chose Ahrue because - simply put - he was 'the best.' As Dave describes, "The tightest player and the person who most fit in with the Ill Nino sound."

And speaking of fitting with the Ill Nino sound, the band touts the other newbie Danny Couto as an "amazing percussionist." Did You Know, pt I? Danny actually played all the Latin and Tribal percussion on the upcoming new record. True. Did You Know, pt II? Like Ahrue, Danny too has been a friend of the band for years. In fact, he actually came out of the same band that bred Jardel (point4hope). It's True.

 Ahrue, Danny...welcome to camp Ill Nino.

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