Michael Jackson: Vast White Mud-Sling Conspiracy?.

11-22-03 Keavin
Like the high profile O.J. Simpson case, it didn’t take long for the race card to appear as a defense in the Michael Jackson case. The Jackson family is standing by Michael as he faces multiple charges of child molestation and his mother appears to feel there is a racist motive behind the charges. 

Catherine Jackson told Bunte magazine that she suspects that the charges were racially motivated and that her son may have been setup. "I wonder whether somebody could have set a trap for him and hidden false evidence in his house." 

She also said that in the United States there are two ways the laws are interpreted, "one for whites and one for blacks."

She also addressed how her son is holding up under the pressure, “he's not worried because he's innocent. He is very strong." 

Jackson hired Mark Geragos, a high profile criminal defense attorney, who is currently in the middle of another legal media storm, the Lacy Peterson murder case. Geragos is representing the accused murderer in that case, Scott Peterson. 

Another famous Jackson was quick to seize the opportunity this case provided for media coverage. Jesse Jackson didn’t miss a beat in running to the press where he proclaimed he had "grave concerns" over handling of the case by prosecutors and also called Tuesday night’s raid of Michael Jackson’s home “overkill”. 

Jesse Jackson said that Michael deserves a fair trial in court, not in the media. He also pointed out how Michael appears to be co-operating with prosecutors, “I am pleased that Michael and his attorney appear to be co-operating with law enforcement officials, as any drama or delay only feeds the frenzy".

We will have to wait and see whether the use of the race card will intensify beyond members of Jackson’s immediate family and actually be used by the defense but it didn’t take long for that card to be dealt in the media. 

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