Album John Lennon Autographed For His Killer Up For Sale

11-28-03 Keavin
The album John Lennon autographed for his murderer a few hours before he was killed is now up for sale on the web for $525,000. 

The former Beatles signed a copy of "Double Fantasy," for Mark David Chapman just five hours before Chapman gunned him down in front of his apartment building in New York City on December 8, 1980. Chapman ditched the album in a near by flower planter where it was later discovered by Police. 

"Double Fantasy," was a joint album Lennon recorded with his wife Yoko Ono. The copy Lennon signed for Chapman fetched $460,000 four years ago, but went on sale once again on Friday with hopes it will bring in a big profit. 

The album is being sold online at Momentsintime.com, the site’s owner says that the decision to sell the album now was made because "Beatles memorabilia is at an all-time peak. For years, their material was grossly undervalued." 

The site also boast that the album cover and dust jacket has the "forensically enhanced" fingerprints of Mark David Chapman.

The market for Lennon and Beatles memorabilia is hot right now. Just last week Christie’s auctioned off handwritten lyrics to the Lennon classic "Nowhere Man" for $455,000. The high price came as a shock to many who expected it would sell for a quarter of that amount. 

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