Rape On Set of MTV’s “Real World”.

11-29-03 Keavin
The set of MTV’s “Real World : San Diego" turned into a crime scene as police investigate allegations of rape. A 22-year-old woman told police that the assault took place at the Real World house on either Nov. 14 or 15. The reason for her uncertainty will soon come to light. 

The woman is not a member of the cast or crew but met an acquaintance of the one of the cast members of the show at a nightclub in downtown San Diego. The alleged rapist has only been identified as “Justin”. 

In her testimony to police, the alleged victim said that “Justin” gave her a drink, which she downed and then blacked out. The next thing she remembered was waking up at around 10:30 in a guest bedroom in the Real World house and the cameras were rolling. She said that she was fully dressed when she awoke but suspected she was raped while she was unconscious, because of pain in her genital area. 

According to press reports, an unidentified witness told a female member of the cast that "Justin" had said, "I just hit that" as he left the house. This unidentified person reportedly found the women passed out and naked on a bathroom floor. She then dressed the women and moved her onto a couch. Then the next morning after the female cast member returned home, she and the unidentified women reportedly moved the alleged victim into a guest bedroom. 

The alleged victim made a report with police and underwent a medical examination the next day. The examination did reveal that she had abrasions and lacerations to both her vaginal and anal openings, according to court documents.

Based on the medical evidence and the woman’s statement, police served a search warrant on the Real World house on Nov. 18th. Police seized several items during their search including couch cushions, bedding and towels but they also seized videotape equipment, tape footage and computer equipment tied into the filming for the reality TV series. However, the crew never films the cast members in the bathroom and that is where the alleged rape reportedly took place. 

Police have yet to make an arrest or publicly identify “Justin”. Bunim-Murray Productions, which produces the program for MTV said that they are "are cooperating fully" with investigators and they also wanted to clarify that "none of the cast or crewmembers had any involvement in the incident."