Fred Durst Talks About Being Stabbed In The Face at Concert. 

11-29-03 Keavin
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst took to the bandís official website to provide details and downplay having his face sliced by a sharp object thrown at him during a concert last week. 

Here is what he had to say about the incident (reprinted exactly as Fred Posted it).  

oh my gosh!! stop the press!! headlines are coming!! fred durst has a weeeeee cut on his chin!! must have been some fan/band violence eh? come on now. i went into the pit in NY and climbed onto a railing and was in the line of fire when an unknown object hit me in the chin. as i kept singing i felt a hot gush of something running down my neck and onto my hand. i looked down and sure enough i was bleeding like mad. whatever ever it was had a very sharp edge and sliced my chin just right like a razor blade. we still had five songs left and it didn't hurt so i kept going. it felt like a very rock and roll moment to me though. when the show was over there was no trip tothe hospital as i've heard. we had the paramedics on site clean it up and they suggested i have stitiches so it won't scar and they suggested a tetnus shot just in case it was something gnarly. so i went to dinner and later that night saw a doctor that gave me seven micro stitches. it was fast and easy. the next evening i had a tetnus shot in my arm that hurt like a motherf***er!! my arm was sore for two days!! and today, november 28, i get the stitches removed here in my dressing room. wah lah!! 

there it is. the scoop. the real deal hollifield!! i hope it holds up to the news i've been hearing. thank you again for coming to the back to basics tour. if you didn't make it i am putting a very unique concert together for the spring that you will be stoked to go to i hope. i have Posted a couple little quicktime movies reporting the news and showing you the horrifying gash!! just playing around. rock and roll is dangerous and i am ready to play!! and thank you to all the cool radio stations that we talked to along the way. happy holidays everybody. 


Stab (v.) : To pierce or wound with or as if with a pointed weapon.

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