Elizabeth Smart Wins The Battle of Made For TV Movies

11-10-03 Keavin
"The Elizabeth Smart Story" eked out a small ratings victory over "Saving Jessica Lynch" on Sunday night. 

According to an early estimate of ratings for Sunday night, more viewers were interested in the story of a kidnapped 14-year-old girl by a crazed religious fanatic over the tale of a rescued female POW. 

“The Elizabeth Smart Story" came in with an estimated 15.7 million viewers and “Saving Jessica Lynch” drew in 14.9 viewers. But the real winner for the night was “60 Minutes” the CBS news program was watched by 17.9 million people and featured a story about an formerly unsung hero related to the Lynch story. 

The networks are currently battling for ad dollars in their Fall sweeps, and it appears when the dust settles and the final numbers are tallied, CBS will have won the battle for this Sunday night.  .