The Matrix Wins Box Office But Is Slowed By Elf.

11-10-03 Keavin
Matrix Revolutions, the final installment of US sci-fi trilogy broke international box office records last week and was the clear winner world wide over the weekend but in the U.S. the third installment of the trilogy was down over 40% from the opening of the second film in the series, “The Matrix Reloaded”. 

“Revolutions” brought in a whooping $204 million worldwide since opening but at home the film only brought in $50.1 million over this past weekend. That is a big number, but really down from the opening weekend for “Reloaded” which opened with $91.7 million in domestic ticket sales. 

There is a silver lining, leaving the weekend numbers aside, “Revolutions” opened last Wednesday and the 5 day domestic totals look much better at $85.4 million. But that is still below the expected $100 million. 

What stalled the Matrix at the box office over the weekend? Would you believe an elf? The Matrix captured a little over a third of moviegoers this past weekend but Will Ferrell’s new movie “Elf” captured a fifth, grossing $32.1 million. 

The fact that “Elf” received much better reviewers couldn’t have hurt either. But it surely stalled The Matrix’s plans for world domination. 

Disney’s “Brother Bear” made a strong second week showing with $18.6 million and “Scary Movie 3” moved down to 4th place with $11.1 million. The new Hugh Grant comedy “Love Actually” missed the top 5, coming in 6th place with $6.6 million, behind “Radio”’s $7.4 million. 

Meanwhile, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake tied Runaway Jury for 8th place with an estimated $4.8 million in ticket sales, slighted beaten out by Mystic River which brought in $4.82 million. 

Estimated Weekend Box Office. 

1. The Matrix Revolutions - $50.1 million 
2. Elf - $32.1 million 
3. Brother Bear - $18.6 million 
4. Scary Movie 3 - $11.1 million 
5. Radio - $7.4 million 
6. Love Actually - $6.6 million 
7. Mystic River - $4.82 million 
8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - $4.8 million / Runaway Jury - $4.8 million 
9. School of Rock - $3.1 million

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