The Matrix Breaks International Record With $204 Million opening

11-10-03 Keavin
The Matrix Revolutions made a real splash world wide during its first five days in the box office since opening last Wednesday. The first day profits for the third installment in the Matrix trilogy brought in $43.1 million, the second largest Wednesday opening in U.S. history.  What’s more impressive is the fact that the film scored the biggest international weekend of all time with an estimated $118.6 million. 

The fact that the film was opened on a monumental scale didn’t hurt. Warner Brothers  expected the film to be a big hit and as such they sent out a record 18,013 prints of the  film to 96 countries in 43 languages. 

Another PR move by Warner Bros, had the film opening simultaneously around the world. These openings spanned from Los Angeles (6:00 AM) to New York (9:00 AM) to  England (2:00 PM) to Japan (11:00 PM) to Australia (1:00 AM Nov. 6th).

According to a press release from Warner Brothers, the combined five-day opening weekend box office receipts for The Matrix Revolutions totaled a staggering $204 million. 

The film also set a new domestic record for the second largest R-rated opening ever behind The Matrix Reloaded with an estimated $85.470 million. Warner Bros reports that “the film also earned an estimated $14.9 million in the UK, Japan $14.8 million, France $11.2 million, Germany $8 million, Spain $6.3 million, Italy $6.2 million, Australia $5.5 million, Korea $5.2 million, Russia $4.8 million and $1.5 million in China.”

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