Photographer Sues 50 Cent For $21 Million

11-10-03 Keavin
A New York Post photographer has filed a $21 million lawsuit against rapper 50 Cent. The photographer, Jim Alcorn, claims in his lawsuit that security guards for 50 Cent roughed him up when he attempted to photograph the rapper leaving a jewelry store in New York City on August 27th. 

The lawsuit was filed against 50 Cent, Interscope Records, Shady/Aftermath Records and several of the rappers security guards. 

Alcorn suffered neck and jaw injuries during the attack and was rushed to the hospital. He reportedly has photographs of his assailant, according to his attorney Sanford Rubenstein.  "There's a spectacular shot of both the security guard and 50 Cent looming over Jim,” explains Rubenstein. “There's no question from the photograph that the security guard is identifiable. We're waiting for the police to ascertain his identity. In Jim's search for justice, he wants the appropriate criminal charges to be brought."

Alcorn told the Post, "I am bringing this lawsuit because what happened to me was wrong. No photographer should have what happened to me happen to them. As a result of the injuries I received, I was unable to work for nearly eight weeks. I respectfully request the officials of New York City's police department and the district attorney's office to complete their criminal investigation. I ask for justice."

There is no indication at this time from the New York Police department if criminal charges will be filed. 

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