Art Carney Dies At Age 85

11-11-03 Keavin
Art Carney, best known as Jackie Gleason’s sidekick in the classic television series “The Honeymooners” passed away Sunday at his home in Connecticut. He was 85. 

Apart from his role as Ed Norton on “The Honeymooners”, Carney also won an Oscar in 1974 for his portrayal of a retired teacher that traveled across American in the film “Harry and Tonto”. 

Carney was buried in a private ceremony today (Nov 11). "The family is very private, and that's why no one was notified until after the funeral," said Philip Appell, of the Swan Funeral Home in Clinton, Connecticut.

Carney left his mark on Hollywood during his career. In addition to his role in “The Honeymooners”, which earned Carney 3 consecutive Emmy Awards, he performed in over 25 films and crafted the role of Felix Unger in the original Broadway production of the Odd Couple. 

Carney was also a war veteran. We took part in the Normandy invasion, the key battle that helped bring an end to World War II. 

His last major motion picture role was in 1993’s “Last Action Hero”

Film Highlights from Art Carney’s career. 

1974 - Harry and Tonto
1977 - The Late Show
1978 - House Calls
1979 - Letters from Frank [TV]
1979 - Going in Style
1981 - St. Helens
1981 - Take This Job and Shove It
1984 – Firestarter
1987 - The Emperor's New Clothes
1990 - Where Pigeons Go to Die [TV]
1993 - Last Action Hero