Christian Slaterís Head Split Open By His Wife. 

11-12-03 Keavin
Update: Actor Christian Slater had a run in with a drinking glass that lead to stitches; the glass was launched at the back of his head by his wife Ryan Haddon during an argument in a Las Vegas hotel room on Monday. 

Slater was treated for his injury at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas. According to his spokesperson, Kelly Bush, the actor receiving nine stitches in his head. His wife was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery but she was later released after Slater refused to press charges. 

Slater reportedly initially told police that he received the injury during an argument with his wife, where she threw the glass at his head but he later changed his story when he realized that his wife was likely to get into legal trouble. 

The fight reportedly began after Slater returned to their hotel room after visiting a topless club.

A reported friend of Slaterís told the New York Post, "She went to throw a glass of water at his face as a joke." 

"He went down to get help with the cut and they called the police. He didn't want to press charges. It was an accident, but they had to arrest her."

This is a bit of a role reversal for Slater. In 1998 the actor was sentenced to 90 days in jail in 1998 for slugging his girlfriend at the time and then biting a security officer during a drunken argument.

Maybe heíll think twice the next time his wife asks him to bring her a glass of water.