Another Plea For Love

11-16-03 Keavin
Courtney Love was due in court on Friday (Nov 14)  to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance stemming from her arrest last month. Unlike last Wednesday when Love made a spectacle of herself (see previous story below) when she showed up to court to be arraigned on two felony counts stemming from the same arrest, Love did not make an appearance this time. Her attorney entered a plea of not guilty. 

Previous Story: Courtney Love went to court Wednesday (Nov 12) and pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of drug possession  when she was arraigned at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Beverly Hills.

The troubled singer and widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain asked the court to consider sending her to rehab instead of jail. 

The court has to determine is Love is eligible for the program set up by the voter approved Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000 which allows individuals convicted of nonviolent drug offenses to undergo drug treatment instead of serving a sentence behind bars. 

Before entering the court holding her pet dog and a bouquet of red roses, Love gave reporters outside the courtroom a show with a rambling diatribe where she called the charges against her “retarded” and belittled their relevance, "I didn't even break a law. I didn't even shoplift". 

She went on a tirade about missing money, an affair with a married man and throwing a sleeping pill at a police officer. What they had to do with the case, not even her lawyer seemed to know.

Love will return to court on December 11th to see if she qualifies for the program. 

From a previous report: Actress/Singer Courtney Love was indicted on 2 felony counts for having the painkillers hydrocodone and oxycodone in her possession when she was arrested last month. 

Love reportedly did not have a prescription for the painkillers. 

She was originally charged with a misdemeanor but it appears that the DA elevated the charges against Love. 

Love was arrested on October 2nd after breaking windows at a friend’s house in an attempt to get inside. She was booked and then released on $2500 bail, only to be rushed to the hospital less than an hour later for a drug overdose. 

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