Michael Jackson Surrenders--Backlash Has Begun

11-20-03 Keavin
Pop singer Michael Jackson surrendered to the Santa Barbara County sheriff office today.  As we reported previously, an arrest warrant was issued for Jackson on Wednesday for multiple charges of child molestation.

The media converged on the Santa Barbara County court house as a handcuffed Jackson was lead in a backdoor. Jackson is to be booked on the charges and is expected to be released on $3-million bond.

Michael Jackson faces more than multiple counts of child molestation and the prison time he will have to serve if convicted—he also faces an angry public and shrinking fanbase. It appears that the charges against the pop singer have derailed his new CD  "Number Ones," featuring chart topping hits from his 30-year solo career and his latest single, "One More Chance,"  CBS has also pulled the plug on a Jackson television special that was set to air next week. 

The title of Jackson’s single has an irony because the Santa Barbara district attorney’s office has received “one more chance” to go after Jackson for alleged impropriates with children. Jackson faced similar allegations 10 years ago but the child refused to testify and Jackson reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the family.  It doesn’t like he will be so lucky this time, the child involved this time is willing to testify. 

Going by early sales numbers for Jackson’s new CD, which was released on Tuesday, he is expected to sell a little below 100,000 copies this week--about half of what he was expected to sell. 

CBS which had to yank a controversial mini-series on President Ronald Regan earlier this month can’t seem to catch a break. The network pre-taped an hour-long special that was to air next week that included Jackson performing his new song. The special "Michael Jackson Number Ones,” has been shelved by the network. But Jackson is sure to receive plenty of media coverage in the coming months, just the wrong kind. 

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