Phil Spector Admits he ‘Killed Somebody’- Pleads Innocent

11-22-03 Keavin
Update: More facts about the Phil Spector murder case are coming to light. The famed record producer was formally charged with murder last Thursday and his attorney appeared in court to enter a plea of “not guilty”. However, one witness says that on the night of the murder, Spector admitted his might have “killed somebody”.

Spector was charged Thursday with murder in the shooting of B-movie actress Lana Clarkson.  A few hours after the formal charges came down Spector’s attorney entered a plea of not guilty and waived the music producer’s right to a speedy trial. 

"Mr Spector pleaded innocent to the charge,'' said a spokesman for Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. 

Spector isn’t having a very good week. First one of the most successful albums he produced featuring his “Wall of Sound” production technique was re-released without his treatment (The Beatles “Let It Be… Naked") and now he faces murder charges.   

The 62-year-old record producer was arrested on February 3rd after police found Clarkson's body in a pool of blood at the entrance to his mansion. Police were called out to the mansion by Spector’s driver who reported hearing gun shots inside the house.  

Spector was not charged at that time and was released on $1 million bail while the district attorney’s office decided if they had enough evidence to charge the famed record producer. It appears they do. 

"After we reviewed the evidence presented to us by the sheriff's department and additional evidence we determined that murder is the appropriate charge,'' said Sandi Gibbons of the District Attorney's office on Thursday. 

One witness has come forward claiming that Spector admitted to the murder. According to a police report, Spector told his chauffeur on the night of the murder that he thought he had "killed somebody". 

Publicly, Spector of course says that he didn’t commit the murder; he told Esquire magazine that he believes Clarkson may have shot herself.  

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