Tony Blair Helps The Simpsons Invade The UK

11-23-03 Keavin
The Simpsons have packed their bags and ready to cause trouble in the UK on tonight’s episode (Nov 23) of the hit animated series. The producers even got British Prime Minister Tony Blair to join in the fun, as the PM lent his voice to the episode. 

The Prime Minister taped his part last April and the BBC says that Mr. Blair is a big fan of the show. Other prominent British citizens also appear in the episode including actor Sir Ian McKellen and Harry Potter author JK Rowling.  

Spoiler alert: The episode revolves around the family taking a trip to London. Being the Simpson, nothing goes right. The Prime Minister meets the family at Heathrow airport and invites them back to 10 Downing Street for tea. Homor ends ups spilling tea from his Union Jack teacup onto the carpet. 

Things get worst for the cartoon family as Homer crashes his rented Mini Cooper through the gates of Buckingham Palace and knocks over the Queen's horse-drawn carriage, which leads to his incarceration in the Tower of London. 

American audience will be able to catch the episode tonight but our friends in the UK will have to wait until January when the episode will be broadcast on Sky One.