Courtney Love Treated For Overdosed After Release On Drug Arrest

10-03-03 Keavin
Courtney Love was arrested on Thursday on drug related charges and then shortly after her release, she was rushed to a hospital after an apparent overdose. 

She was first arrested outside a friend�s house in the Wilshire-area of Los Angeles. Police arrived on the scene following a burglary report at about 2:38 a.m. PST on Thursday and Love was reportedly standing in the middle of the street outside the home. She was arrested after she admitted breaking four windows in an attempt to enter the residence. She was booked and then released on $2,500 bail. 

There are conflicting reports about what she was charged with. Some reports state she was charged with possession of an in illegal substance, and other reports state she was charged with being under the influence of a narcotic. 

A police spokesperson Renee Montoya said in a statement that the owner of residence declined to press charges. But the �the officers noticed that Miss Love's behavior was consistent with being under the influence of a controlled substance,� and they arrested her. 

Less than an hour after she was released, Beverly Hills police and paramedics rushed to another residence after receiving an emergency call. They discovered a woman who was suffering an apparent overdose and rushed her to nearby Century City Hospital for treatment. 

Because of privacy issues, Police would not confirm that the woman that overdosed was Love. However, the Los Angeles Times reported that unnamed law enforcement sources told them that it was indeed Love.  She was reportedly released from the hospital by mid-day Thursday. 

There has been no word from the Love camp at this point and her present condition was unknown at press time. 

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