Britney Spears Speaks Out On Durst

09-14-03 Keavin
Britney Spears once again graces the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Of course, she is scantily clan in the cover photo. Gotta sell them mags!  But the real revealing part comes inside the magazine, in the actual article on Spears. (flip past all the ads, it’s buried in there). 

In the interview, Spears takes aim at Limpbizkit frontmonkey Fred Durst, who made a media slash with insinuations of his relationship with the young pop-tart.  She denies that their relationship was anything but professional but puts part of the blame on herself for how things got blown way out of proportion. 

"That's my bad for just associating myself with people like that," she told Rolling Stone. "We had two days of working together. We went out one night somewhere. And I'm dating the guy now. It was news to me. So [sighs], I don't know [laughs]. I'm not doing so good with the relationships."

When asked a follow up question about how surprised she was when Durst went on The Howard Stern show and talked about their relationship she responded, "I'm really embarrassed, like I said, for associating myself with him. Honestly, I believe everyone at their core has a good heart. But something must be going on for someone to be that desperate to go on a show and talk about a girl, about someone you don't really know that well. That is, like, morally…. I'm really surprised at people. Like, holy s***, man."

But what’s worst, the idea of her kissing Durst or her actually kissing Madonna on MTV in front of millions of viewers? We’ll leave that decision up to you. 

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