musicNEWS: Super Bowl Surprise? Could it Be Van Halen? Nope It's a Poodle.

02-01-04 Keavin
A special surprise act is supposed to perform during the Super Bowl half time show. Who could it be? Sammy Hagar is in fact in Houston. Eddie Van Halen told Greg Dwyer and Bill Michaels of the Davenport, Iowa radio station KCQQ on January 9th that an official announcement regarding a VAN HALEN reunion with Sammy Hagar will be made "sooner rather than later"(see story). 

What better place to reunite than in front of millions of TV viewers across the world in the year most watch television event? 

The countdown is on, so will this prediction ring true? Or will we be left with more Van Halen wishful thinking and rumors of a reunion that never comes. Chicken Little...  It's not as cool as the original lineup but it's better than nothing.  Well guys, the timing is right because if VH is gonna do it, they need to do it "RIGHT NOW".    (this is only a guess based on certain facts, this is no way predicts that the reunion will happen during the half time show, unless it does happen then we will bask in the glory of predicting it. If it doesn't happen? We'll wait for the next churning of the rumor mill and you can call us all kinds of dirty names for getting your hopes up.)

Update: If you tuned into the half-time show expecting Van Hagar, you got a poodle instead (Justin Timberlake) and what appeared to be a costume mishap for Ms. Janet Jackson, nope they don't appear fake.  Maybe VH will be the surprise band opening the Grammy Awards?  Or maybe they like all the attention they are getting and donít want to risk another disaster like Van Halen III?  Well, at least the teams finally decided to show up for the first half. Only took them 27 minutes of play to decide to get into the game. But they don't call it the Super Bore for nothing!

Thatís it for this edition of As The Hagar Spins. 

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