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02-04-04 Keavin
Bad news for European and some North American Iced Earth fans, the group’s tour plans have been put on ice due to John Schaffer’s recent lower back surgery.  The group have officially postponed their European tour and Schaffer says the” possibly even the first 2 weeks or so of the US Tour” are also in doubt. 

The news may get worst after Schaffer gets the results of some medical test within the next couple of weeks. He warns,  “It really depends on what the Doctor says after all testing is done and the options are on the table. If another surgery is necessary it may push the tour back even more. Obviously this is the absolute last thing that we ever want to do, but my health has to come first, and the potential of causing permanent damage is very real. “

Schaffer obviously understands that fans will be disappointed and adds, “Those of you that have been following the band for a long time know that it's always top priority to give you the best show possible. At the current and very intense level of pain that I'm in, there's no way that I'd be able to do my part and give 100%, and you don't deserve anything less. 

”The guys in the band are as disappointed as I am but they are understanding and supportive at the same time. “

There was a silver lining for the group, Schaffer explained to fans that their latest release, “The Glorious Burden is by far the album that has received the best reviews in the bands history, charted the best around the world, sold more than double in the early stages compared with Horror Show in all major territories, and continues to grow full steam ahead. It is the album that I knew it would be and I hate that we have to change our plans due to my back problems. However, in the big picture, it's the only decision that I can make.”

Schaffer asks for the understanding of fans as he deals with these medical issues and promises that when the group does hit the road it will have been worth the wait, “I hope you all can understand the seriousness of the situation. Please know that as much as this sucks, it's the best thing for me, the band, and for you. 

”The tour WILL happen, and when it does, I guarantee you will see the best ICED EARTH show you ever have! I feel 10 years younger and am having fun again, it totally sucks that my back is causing these problems!” Schaffer wrote on the official Iced Earth website. 

We’ll keep Posted on developments. 

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