musicNEWS: Janet Says No To CBS About Grammys, But Justin Says Yes. 

02-08-04 Keavin
It looks like Janet Jackson will be giving her breast a rest this Sunday night and will not appear at the Grammy Awards.  Fox news reports that Jackson has declined CBS’s offer to present a tribute to Luther Vandross, if she apologized for her breast revealing fiasco during last Sunday’s Super Bowl half-time show. 
According to Fox News, Jackson contemplated the offer but decided that she was already remorseful enough over the incident and declined to appear on the Grammy telecast and offer another apology. 

Earlier this week she issued a video apology for her actions at last week’s Super Bowl where Justin Timberlake ripped away a part of her custom to reveal her breast to millions of viewers around the world. 

The rumor mill has been buzzing all week with word on whether Jackson would appear during the Grammy awards; with the story changing from hour to hour and reporter to reporter. But this appears to be the latest word on the issue. However, she may just change her mind and make a “surprise” appearance. We will see tonight when the awards are broadcast of CBS.  

Justin Timberlake, who expressed outrage over the incident after the fact, has reportedly decided to accept CBS’s offer and will offer an apology sometime during the telecast when he makes an appearance, according to Fox News. 

So the Grammy’s may just benefit from this controversy, some people that normally could care less about who the music industry insiders crown as their kings and queens of the prom, may tune-in to see what possibly might happen.  But even if something controversial takes place on stage, CBS will have the broadcast on a time delay to help prevent a repeat of last Sunday. 

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