musicNEWS: Chimaira Replace Drummer 

01-03-04 Keavin
Chimaira have replaced their drummer Andols Herrick. The groupís lead vocalist Mark Hunter made a post to the bandís official message board and announced that Herrick has been replaced by Richard Evensand of Soilwork.   

Hunter responded to a thread on the groupís message board where fans were discussing the rumors that Andols had left the group. Here is what he Posted: 

tis true stuff 

we have known for a while, it was a long hard desicion for him. 

as sad as it is, and as much as it sucks for all of you, think how we feel. bottom line, the dude just wasn't happy anymore and there is no sense in torture. andols is going to give me a statement for all the fans and press in the next day or 2. all i can tell you now is that he is going to go to college and his days of drumming are over from what he has told us. 

we have found a replacement. we are not stupid people, the sandals are quite hard to fill but we feel we have filled them quite nicely. ricky from SOILWORK is the new dude, he was the guy that temporarily replaced henry on the past tours we did with them. ricky is an AMAZING drummer and will only ADD to the chimaira sound. once again, when it comes to this band we are not stupid people. we would not make the wrong choice with something as critical as this. as far as i know nothing is happening to SOILWORK and we are still as good as friends with them as we were before this choice was made. 

this is just another obstacle for all of us to overcome, and as the old cliche goes...that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. 

at any rate, excuse the poor grammar and spelling, i haven't slept in 40 hours.... 
be sad, but be excited...nothing is changing for the worse. 
that has been our mentality for the past month. 
good night friends and happy birthday to rob arnold 24 today 01.03.04 


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