antiTainment NEWS: NBC's Reality Trump Card "The Apprentice".

01-07-04 Keavin
NBC's "The Apprentice"--16 would-be moguls, 15 episodes, "13 weeks of hell",  with Donald Trump as the ring leader. Yes, it’s reality TV once again. “The Apprentice” is the latest brainchild of Mark Burnett, the man that brought us “Survivor”. 

Instead of placing cast-a-ways on an island to determine the ultimate survivor, “The Apprentice” pits 16 would be moguls against each other vying to win a dream job with Donald Trump. 

"It's not a game," Trump says in the premier episode. "It's a 13-week job interview."

Sure it is. 

Over 200,000 applied for a chance to take part in the reality TV game, but only 16 won that honor. Trump calls the contestants, "16 of America's best and brightest." 

On Thursday night we will be able to peer into the world of “The Apprentice” when it premiers on NBC at 8:30 pm.  In the first episode we witness the 16 contestants meeting Trump in a boardroom where he splits the 16 into two groups (men and women). The teams then get their first assignment (competition), they are tasked with outselling each other on the streets of Manhattan. What do they have to sell?  Lemonade. 

It wouldn’t be Burnett without a “tribal council”, except this time Trump works as the executioner, firing one contestant and crashing their hopes of landing that “dream job”. 

Good TV? The viewers will decide on Thursday night. But at least the contestants don’t have to eat worms. (or maybe they will, we’ll have to tune in to see).