antiTainment NEWS: Steve Buscemi Joins 'The Sopranos' Cast

01-10-04 Keavin
The Soprano mafia family has just expanded as Steve Buscemi (Reservoir Dogs, Ghost World and Armageddon) joins the cast of The Sopranos in the role of Tony Soprano's cousin, Tony Blundetto.

This isnít the first time Buscemi has been involved with the hit HBO series; he has previously worked behind the scenes as a director on a few episodes. 

The fifth season of the series kicks off on March 7th. The series creator, David Chase announced last year that he plans to whack the series with an abbreviated 10-episode 6th season (this coming season will feature 13 episodes). 

"Last year, or whenever it was, I went away and tried to think about the ending and the final act of the show," Chase told the press on Thursday. "And I came up with some stuff - myself and the writers came up with a lot of things - and it turned out to be just too much for five seasons, and it just seems like 10 (more episodes) would probably do it. That should be enough to tell the story or the stories, because we have so many characters that are so great and that we wanted to pay off, so many great actors that we want to see have their moment."

What can fans expect this season? Chase said, "I'll tell you that the (jumping-off) point is based on an article that I read about the highly publicized RICO (racketeering) cases of the '80s. They put a lot of guys away back then - it was when they really broke the back of the Mafia, is what they said. And I read an article that a lot of those guys are now getting out of jail. They've served their time and they are hitting the streets again.

"And so the show begins with what we call 'The Mafia, The Class of 2004' hitting the streets. That's the departure point."