antiTainment NEWS: 'Rings' Throws 'Big Fish' Back Into the Water

01-13-04 Keavin
"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" claimed the top spot over Tim Burton’s “Big Fish” last week. It looked as if the “Fish” was going to squeak by “Rings” when the estimates for last weekend were made but “Rings” managed to pull ahead when the final count was made. 

Rings won its fourth straight weekend at No. 1 with a gross of $14.2 million, over “Big Fish” earnings of $13.8 million.

Earlier Report (1/11): “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, was the big winner at the ninth annual Critics Choice Awards on Sunday, bringing home four awards. 

“Return of the King” made an impressive showing at the awards ceremony winning nods for Best Picture, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Director (Peter Jackson) and Best Composer (Howard Shore).

Some predict that this could be a preview of the upcoming Academy Awards with the final installment of the JRR Tolkien “Rings” trilogy a big Oscar favorite. 

But what about the box office? After a three week run as the Lord of the Screen, Rings moves aside for a “Big Fish” if studio estimates hold true in the final tally. 

According to AP, studio estimates have Tim Burton's "Big Fish" bringing in $14.5 million, edging out “The Return of the King” which was close behind with a $14.1 million gross. The AP report warns that since the numbers are so close, the two films may flip-flop positions when the final official numbers are tallied. 

Other new films didn’t do as well this weekend, with people opting to see movies released in previous weeks. The new comedy "My Baby's Daddy," came in at No. 6 with a $7.8 million gross, and Mandy Moore's new romantic comedy "Chasing Liberty," came in at No. 7 with $6 million. 

Weekend earnings according to according to Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc. and  Nielsen EDI Inc (as reported by ABC)

1 -"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” - $14,209,098
2 -"Big Fish” - $13,811,191
3 -"Cheaper By the Dozen” - $11,751,349
4 -"Cold Mountain” - $7,881,729
5 -"Something's Gotta Give” - $7,727,359
6 -"My Baby's Daddy” - $7,548,819
7 -"Chasing Liberty” - $6,081,483
8 -"Paycheck” - $5,146,378
9 -"The Last Samurai” -, $4,550,419
10 -"Mona Lisa Smile” - $4,383,072
11 -"Peter Pan” - $4,182,415
12 -"Calendar Girls” - $3,738,160
13 -"House of Sand and Fog” - $1,420,267
14 -"21 Grams$1,254,050
15 -"Stuck On You” - $1,021,673
16 -"Bad Santa” - $1,005,569
17 -"The Haunted Mansion” - $933,671
18 -"In America” - $914,429
19 -"Lost in Translation” - $747,470
20 -"Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” - $624,874