antiTainment NEWS: Ben and Jen Top 'Lord of the Rings'

01-19-04 Keavin
“The Lord of the Rings” was “The Lord of the Screen” until “Along Came Polly” to end the King’s four-week box office reign. 

“Along Came Polly” is the new romantic comedy staring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. Ben and Jen (no, not Affleck and Lopez) captured the top of the box office over the weekend when Polly grossed and estimated $27.6 million at North American theatres. 

They left “Lord of the Rings” in their dust. The final installment in the Rings trilogy grossed an estimated $10.2 million, landing at No. 4, behind the second week of Tim Burton’s “Big Fish”, which had an estimated gross of $10.4 million, and the new Ice Cube action flick "Torque" ($10.3 million). 

But who knows, it looked like Fish was going to win last weekend but when the final numbers came in Rings remained the King. 

Estimated Box Office according to a ABC news report:

1 - “Along Came Polly” - $27.6 million.
2 - “Big Fish” - $10.4 million.
3 - “Torque” - $10.3 million.
4 - “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” - $10.2 million.
5 - “Cheaper by the Dozen” - $8.7 million.
6 - “Cold Mountain” - $7 million.
7 - “Something's Gotta Give” - $6 million.
8 - “My Baby's Daddy” - $3.6 million.
9 - “The Last Samurai” - $3.12 million.
10 - “Calendar Girls” - $3.10 million. .