antiTainment NEWS: Affleck and Lopez Break-up… Again

01-22-04 Keavin
The news of the break-up of tabloid darlings Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez shook the entertainment industry on Thursday! Across the world, shouts went out... Hold the presses! Bennifer is history! The engagement is off.. again! 

The break-up proved to be a bigger bomb than the couple’s ill fated summer non-buster “Gigli”. Newspaper printing was halted and Fox News interrupted programming for a special news alert. The world mourned as the devastating news came that we will no longer have Bennifer to kick around any more. 

It appears that Us Weekly broke this story of the century for their Friday edition and a spokesperson for J.lo confirmed it today with a simple statement that reads, "I am confirming the report that Jennifer Lopez has ended her engagement to Ben Affleck. At this difficult time, we ask that you respect her privacy."

The tabloids are relieved that at least they have Michael Jackson to fill their covers and pages with, but the news of the downfall of Bennifer sent real shockwaves across the world to those who have nothing better to do than watch celebrity romances from a far. 

There is a silver lining. The rumor mill is now churning overtime with word that J.lo have renewed her romance with p.diddy. But we were unable to confirm the reformation of j.p.diddy (a.k.a. Puff Lo a.k.a. p.loddy ) at press time. 

Until that reunion is confirmed, or they come up with lamer nicknames, we can go back to concentrate on what’s really important-- Nichole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz (Kidvitz) or Ashton and Demi (Demiton).  Then again, who really cares?