antiTainment NEWS: Lord of the Rings: Return of the DVD King Soon

01-28-04 Keavin
It has been a big week for the last installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, “The  Return of the King”. The film swept the Oscar nominations, coming away with 11 nominations including best picture. Now fans have even better news to rejoice about. The coming of the DVD; and not just a DVD of the theatrical release but also a special edition director’s cut is on the horizon. 

USA Today reports that the theatrical release of the film will be released in May or June. The bigger news for hardcore fans is director Peter Jackson has just completed editing “the four-hour, 10-minute longer cut”, of the film which is set to hit stores in November, according to USA Today.

Jackson seem elated with the Oscar Nominations, however he told USA Today that he had hoped his supporting actors would have joined in the glory, "Sean (Astin) was our chance at it. There were other great performances, but his was the name we were praying to hear this morning," Jackson told USA Today on Tuesday. 

He also joked about his big win at the Golden Globes. It turns out that New Zealand doesn’t appear on the actual globe featured on the award statue.  "I'll have a quiet word with them," he mused. 

Many feel that Jackson is finally getting his due for his work on the trilogy, which up until now had been generally ignored by the Academy. Not any more, many pendants place “Rings” as the favorite for best picture. 

So Rings fans start saving those pennies, you’ll have two DVDs to add to your collection soon.