musicNEWS: Wonderful News For Wonderlove Fans

01-27-04 Keavin
There is a silver lining for Wonderlove fans following the groupís break up late last year. The two key members of the group may have called it quits from the band but they are now pursuing new musical ventures. 

Chris Paul Overall.   

Chris Paul Overall recipe for solo success includes most of the ingredients that won him a loyal following as the frontman of Wonderlove. Fans of his previous work will not be disappointed as he once again wraps his soulful and emotional voice around his new compositions. 

As a song writer, Chris Paul Overall, is at the top of his game. He gave us some of the most memorable songs in the Wonderlove catalog and is now using his solo pursuits to expand his musical horizons. His unique voice and penchant for melody and hooks should easily win over even the most cynical of listeners, as he rocks with the best of them and also delivers heart wrenching and introspective ballads. 

Having witnessed both sides of Chrisís live solo personality, with a rockiní full band and a lone solo acoustic show, I am happy to report that Chris still commands the audience as a top notch frontman. His unplugged shows are a great vehicle to showcase his amazing vocal talent and song writing skill. With only an acoustic guitar backing him up, Chris is able to really shine in the vocal department with his potently emotional songs. He easily won over the audience at the Orange County Music Awards Unplugged Competition with his melodic songs and soaring vocal range. After the show, audience members flocked to his merch booth to snap up his CDs. 

He hasnít forgotten how to rock either. Wonderlove was known for their explosive live rock shows that earned them critical praise as well as consecutive Orange Country Music Awards for best live band. For his solo rock shows, Chris has employed some of Long Beach, Californiaís most seasoned and gifted musicians to back him up. From the first guitar chord to the last with the crowd screaming for one more encore, Chris leaves no doubt that there is indeed life after Wonderlove and the high energy shows that fans have become accustomed too have not been lost with the demise of the band. If anything, Chris is able to take his frontman stance to a higher level as the focus is entirely on him and pushes him to deliver that much more. 

The bottom line is Chris Paul Overall is a rock star for the 21st century. He has it all, a unique and powerful voice, exceptional songwriting skills with songs filled with sing along melodies and hooks, on stage charisma that canít be ignored, but most importantly the drive and vision to achieve his musical dream.  

He is currently in the studio recording new materialÖ Let the bidding war begin! 

Bryan McIntyre

What about the other half of the Wonderlove frontline, Bryan McIntyre? Donít fear, Bryan is still channeling Jimmy Hendrix with his electrifying guitar leads and rock star Ďfro.  With the demise of Wonderlove, Bryan has joined forces with Long Beach devil boyís Johnny Jones and the Suffering Halos. 

The group is currently finishing touches on their next CD, while frontman Johnny Jones recovers from a bike accident that broke both of his shoulders. They should start rocking Southern California live later this year, with the patented Johnny Jones old school hard rock that will get devil horns raised in the air.  

So donít fret, while many were sad over the end of Wonderlove we do have two great projects now instead of one.

Keavin Wiggins 

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