musicNEWS: Courtney Love Hospitalized, Arrest Warrant Issued

Courtney Love was scheduled to spend her 40th birthday in a Los Angeles court on Friday, instead she ended up in a New York Hospital.  Just hours after a judge issued a warrant for her arrest for failing to appear in court, Love was taken to a New York City area hospital. 

Rumors spread quickly when it was learned that Love had been taken to the hospital. Speculation ran the gambit but her attorney was quick to answer those charges, "It is not a suicide attempt, not drug-related, not drug-overdose-related," said Love’s attorney Michael Rosenstein. "It's a gynecological medical condition for which she is receiving treatment." 

Police were called to Love’s home earlier in the day after they received complaints that Love had thrown bottles from her 4th-floor apartment. Police were unable to find evidence that the bottles came from her apartment. However, police officers were surprised at what they did find. 

"She didn't look like a star to me," one of the officers that was on the scene told the New York Times. "I calmed her down, because Courtney was really out of it."
"She's like, 'Today's my birthday,' " the officer said. "She was really unhappy. Her apartment is a wreck."

Later that evening authorities received a 911 call and returned to Love’s apartment. The New York Times reports that a Fire Department spokesman said the 911 call reported a miscarriage. However, a “police officer who responded to reports that Ms. Love had thrown bottles said the singer told her that she had had an abortion on Thursday.”

There are reports that Love refused treatment and was placed in handcuffs before being taken away to the hospital. 

Earlier in the day, Love was scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles Superior Court for arraignment on an assault with a deadly weapon charge, when she failed to show up a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. 

Love’s attorney, Michael Rosenstein, told the judge that Love was in New York City and had been confused about her requirement to appear. Other reports state that she had the dates mixed up.  

Superior Court Commissioner Dennis E. Mulcahy didn’t accept the explanation, saying that there was no excuse for Love’s failure to appear. Because of her absence, the commissioner said that Love had forfeited her $55,000 bail and issued a bench warrant and a new bail amount of $150,000. 

The arraignment was for assault charges stemming from an April 25th incident at her former manager and boyfriend Jim Barber’s Los Angeles area home.  In that incident, Love reportedly attacked another female singer, Kristin King, with a liquor bottle and metal flashlight. Love had been arrested after a strange incident at the same residence last October where she was arrested on drug related charges when police found her standing in the middle of street after breaking several windows to Barber’s residence. A few hours after he release she was rushed to a hospital after a reported overdose. (see story). 

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