Two CSI Actors Fired

Two familiar faces will be missing from the next season of the hit CBS program "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". Actors Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) and George Eads (Nick Stokes) were fired from the program last week for breach of contract when they asked CBS for a pay raise. 

CBS chief Leslie Moonves addressed the issue on Sunday at the Television Critics Association press tour. Moonves said that the two actors were fired to help the industry draw a fiscal line. 

"There comes a point where we feel a contract is a contract,” Moonves said. “We all have to look out for the future of the network television business".  The actors reportedly used a tactic that actors on other hit shows have used in the past to increase their salary, Eads didn’t show up for work in hopes of pushing the network to give in to the pay hike. It backfired this time. 

The actors were signed to seven-year contracts, and were about to enter their fifth-year. Moonves said that the contracts were renegotiated after two years and that although they were not contractually obligated to do so, the network offered both actors a raise this year. The actors reportedly made around $100,000-per episode under their contract terms. 

Moonves also said that production of the show will be halted this week to allow time for script revisions. Moonves added that they are "looking at certain people" to replace the two actors, but the recasting has not yet been completed.  .