antiTainment NEWS: Jacko Speaks Out On the Web

03-01-04 Keavin
Michael Jackson is determined to tell his side of the story. Instead of trying to rely on third parties to speak on his behalf, Jackson has taken to the web to speak with fans, critics and the press directly. 

The MJJSource.com was re-launched today (March 1, 2004) as Jackson’s official online soapbox and promotional vehicle.  The site’s mission statement reads: “The objective of this site is to provide the public and media official reports and exclusive interviews pertaining to the Michael Jackson case.”
After watching a self-promoting splash animation, fans that log on are greeted with the following message from Jackson: 

To My Fans, Friends and Media: 

Welcome to MJJSource.com, the official source for news and information regarding me and my projects. I am hoping that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Thank you to the creators of this site for your hard work and efforts in helping to make this website a reality. For revolutionary video quality, the site will feature a new video compression technology... Tru Def. 

I am very excited about using MJJSource.com as a way to communicate with both my fans around the world, and the media. 

The theme of this web site is called, "A New Beginning." I have become disturbed and troubled as a result of people speaking on my behalf whom I do not know. For months, I have listened to reports that are inaccurate because they have been based on hearsay, and not fact. I have also listened, with amazement, to people who have misrepresented their relationships with me. I will use this site as one of the mediums for speaking out on my own behalf. In the coming weeks, you will find exclusive news, interviews and never before seen photos, right here on MJJSource.com. 

To my wonderful fans, thank you so much for your letters, thoughts, love and prayers. I love you more than you'll ever know. Thanks to all of you for your continued support! 


[signature – Michael Jackson]