musicNEWS: Courtney Love Arrested Again

03-18-04 Keavin
Courtney Love was arrested Thursday morning in New York City on charges of reckless endangerment and third degree assault. Love was playing a surprise show at Plaid in the East Village, where she allegedly threw a microphone stand that hit one patron in the head. 

The man that was struck was taken to a local hospital. This incident followed a bizarre appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. During the taping of the show on Wednesday afternoon, Love celebrated “St. Patrick’s Day” by standing on Letterman’s desk and belting out a few lines from the Irish folk song “Danny Boy”, she concluded the outburst by lifting her shirt to expose her breasts. She proceeded to lift her shirt at every opportunity during the short interview. 

On Tuesday, Love made a bizarre appearance in a Beverly Hills courtroom to face felony drug possession and assorted other charges stemming from her arrest last October. During that appearance, she not only showed up two hours late but made several outbursts during the proceedings including claiming that she had a prescription for the drugs that she was arrested for, "I have the pill bottles on me," she said. Later she yelled out to her attorney, "You're fired." When Superior Court Judge Elden Fox admonished her, "Miss Love, you're not doing yourself any favors," Love shouted out to her attorney, “rehired”.

Love is scheduled to make another live appearance tonight (3/18) at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. Perhaps we will have another headline about that show here tomorrow, if Love stays true to form. 

Love is in New York to promote her debut solo album, “America’s Sweetheart”, which appears to need all the help it can get. The album was released to much fanfare last month but only managed to open at No. 53 on the charts, where it soon took a nosedive out of the Top 200 and has sold less than 100,000 copies. 

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