antiTainment NEWS:  Britney Spears Lipsyncs And Christina Aguilera Cancels U.S. Tour

05-01-04 Keavin
Pop tarts Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera currently have vocal problems. Aguilera can't user her voice and Britney upset fans by not using hers. UK fans apparently got less than what they bargained for when Britney Spears kicked off her European tour. Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera has canceled her upcoming summer tour for medical reasons. 

UK newspaper The Sun reports that Britney disappointed fans at her tour kick off at London's Wembley Arena by Lip-syncing during the concert.  12,000 UK fans shelled out at least $50 for tickets to the concert and while they did get plenty of fireworks, they reportedly did not get a live concert. The Sun reports that Spears was lip-syncing to a backing track. 

One angry fan told the paper, “If I wanted to see somebody mime to music, I would have gone to Top of the Pops."

This isn't the first time Britney has been accused of miming a performance.  In 2000, a reporter for the Birmingham News accused Spears of lip-syncing during a concert. At that time a spokesperson for her record label denied the allegation by saying, "Britney definitely did not lip synch at the Birmingham concert. This was one of the first concerts on her tour and there were problems with the equipment. The equipment failure meant that there were audio problems which gave the impression of lip synching, but she did not." (see story)

The world’s other leading Pop Tart, Christina Aguilera, called into MTV’s “Total Request Live” last week to break the news that she has cancelled her upcoming tour with Chingy. Aguilera told viewers that she pulled out of the tour because of medical problems with her voice. Her doctors advised her to rest her voice to avoid serious problems in the future.  Christina also took the opportunity to take a stab at Britney. She told viewers that she had voice problems because she actually sings on tour.