Burt Reynolds Sues Ex-Girlfriend for Blackmail

(antiTainment) Actor Burt Reynolds filed a lawsuit in Florida on Monday against his ex-girlfriend, claiming that she had attempted to blackmail him. 
Reynolds had a 10-year relationship with Pamela Seals, a Tampa barmaid. Reynolds said that when the relationship ended, Seals went after half of his estate.  The lawsuit also alleges that Seals threatened to spread false reports about Reynolds, accusing him of physical and verbal abuse as well as prescription medication abuse.

Reynolds' attorney states that Seals has never made an official complaint against their client. 

Reynolds reportedly offered Seals $1 million but she refused.  The suit states that when the couple split, Reynolds made a large down payment on a half-million dollar condo for Seals and he also paid for six months worth of health insurance for Seals and her mother.  But Seals reportedly wanted more, the suit alleges that Seals told Reynolds that she would go public with her allegations if he did not offer her a substantial settlement, including financial support for her and her mother as well as half of Reynolds' Jupiter, Florida home. 

Reynolds' attorney classified Seals behavior as blackmail and says that Seals is not entitled to any compensation from Reynolds under Florida law because the couple never married. 

Seal also reportedly had an attorney warn Reynolds in October that unless the actor complied with her demands then she would also file suit in California which has different laws governing community property. 

Reynolds' suit asks that the Florida court rule that the suit remain under West Palm Beach court jurisdiction and declare that Reynolds and Seals are both Florida residents.  They ask the court to declare Seals as a girlfriend and award Reynolds damages.