QOTSA Homme Denies Hitting Dwarve With Beer Bottle 

(antiMUSIC) The Queens of the Stone Age camp have denied a Rolling Stone online article that reported that frontman Josh Homme struck Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia with a beer bottle. 

The alleged run-in took place Wednesday night (Nov 10) at the Dragonfly in Hollywood prior to The Dwarves scheduled performance at the club. The Rolling Stone article, which Posted on Thursday, said that Homme "instigated a brawl" with Dahlia and hit him with a beer bottle. 

"After appearing backstage before the Dwarves' midnight show, Homme began pouring beer over Dahlia's head while singing, 'Whatcha gonna do?'" reports Rolling Stone. "According to eyewitnesses, after the two pushed each other, Homme struck Dahlia over the head with a beer bottle." 

Blag went on with the show and then reportedly was taken to "St. Mary's Hospital" in Hollywood by his wife where "he received stitches and was released Thursday morning." 

Bouncers for the club reportedly removed Homme from the venue, but police were not called. 

The Rolling Stone article attributes the "brawl" to a "beef" Homme has with the Dwarves due to the lyrics to the track "Massacre" from their latest CD.  Former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri was featured on the song, which attacked his former bandmates with the following lyrics "This one goes out to Queens of the Trust Fund/You slept on my floor/And now I'm sleeping through your motherf***ing album."

The Queens of the Stone Age camp rejected the validity of the Rolling Stone article and attacked its author with a posting by "Dr. Insider" to their official website.   Dr. Insider called the Rolling Stone article a "fairy tale" and attacked its credibility because the article stated that Dahlia was treated at a fictitious hospital.  The article has since been corrected to read "Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center" instead of "St. Mary's Hospital ".  At press time, antiMUSIC has been able to confirm that Dahlia was treated at the hospital. 

Dr. Insider also related Homme's version of the incident. "Seriously. I merely tapped Blag in the eye because he pushed me. A full swing it wasn't," said the QOTSA frontman. "You see, I was just messing w/ him. You know, pouring beer on his head & dancing 'round him singing 'what chu gonna doo, Blaggy boo'." 
TheDwarves.com had a different version of events but did not name Homme or QOTSA directly, although they provided anyone familiar with the song "Massacre" a big hint as to identity of the alleged assailant. "An unfortunate incident in Hollywood on Wednesday resulted in Dwarves singer Blag Dahlia being treated for a head wound following an unprovoked attack by the singer in another band. Dahlia was seated backstage when the assailant assaulted him with a bottle," reports TheDwarves.com. 

"There is speculation that the attack came as a result of a song entitled 'Massacre' from the new album .The Dwarves Must Die(Sympathy for the Record Industry) which pokes fun at some high profile mainstream celebrities."

Here is the full Dr. Insider posting from QOTSA.com: 

So she prints whatever story her friends tell her (even about hospitals that don't exist) to try to right the wrong done to the... wait. 

The wrong done to the dwarves? You gotta be kidding me. Blag should be screaming "thank sir may I have another" for having anyone even say his name without saying "douchebag" immediately after. 

An incedent at the dwarves show, wed night, involving Joshua Homme & Dwarves lead singer & GG Allin wanna-be, Paul Cafaro (AKA Blag Dahlia) has already received the Dwarves, typical, historical alterations. If you recall, the Dwarves where almost brought up on charges for faking the death of their badass guitar player, HE-WHO-CANNOT-BE-NOT-BE-NAMED, a few years back. In a fairy tale told to Rolling Sone.com, An unknown "eyewitness" claimed, " the two pushed each other, Homme struck Dahlia over the head with a beer bottle. But Despite the blow (oh please, the drama), Blag performed as planned (how does he carry that much bulls*** & still do it). After the show, his wife drove him to St. Mary's Hospital in Hollywood, where he received stitches and was released early Thursday morning." But sadly, Rolling Stone.com, in an "out of character" journalistic move, neglected to fact check their article. That's right folks, There is no St. Mary's hospital in Hollywood or anywhere in all of Los Angeles for that matter. OOOPS! They did it again *sings Brittany Spears* Ever heard of 411 directory? No? OKee DoKee. 

I spoke to Joshua about the dwarves unbiased article & he laughed for the first few minutes. He did somehow find the strength to retort to the Tsunami of brain power that is Paul Cafaro, "I've known Blag for 13yrs or so & He's always been the sort of two-bit con artist that would screw a friend over for two bucks. Blag's whimpering about me has been going on ever since he begged Nick to "produce" the last mondo record (a Drug Problem that Never Existed). I've always known how selfserving he is. The record was paid outta Peeps' pocket & Blag just wanted a credit.""But the second IPECAC showed an interest in putting out the record, Blag started calling the label over Nicks head asking 'How much is his advance? How much? How much?" "Nick's the fairest guy around, so I called Blag, on Nicks request, to ask if he'd just finish the record as agreed & let Nick deal w/ IPECAC. I told blag 'you know Nick will kick you down some scratch.' Which is more than Blag does for the dwarves guys. I mean he published songs under his name that Nick wrote. But instead, he got really defensive & insecure (which is typical in dwarfed genital cases), Even holding Nick's tapes hostage (which wasn't surprising to me). What a Friend eh?""He's one of those guys desperately wants to a star, Like Gallagher the comedian, & thinks he's entitled to be one because he's standing there breathing & s***. Gross." 

When asked about hitting Blag with a bottle, Josh responded with,"why would I need a bottle to kick Blag's ass? I mean who couldn't kick Blag's ass? Seriously. I merely tapped Blag in the eye because he pushed me. A full swing it wasn't. You see, I was just messing w/ him. You know, pouring beer on his head & dancing 'round him singing 'what chu gonna doo, Blaggy boo'. This is the guy that hits audience members in the head w/ his mike & shows them his teenie weenie. I mean HE-WHO & some girl were laughing & so was Blag, at first. I guess he can dish, but no takey. life must be hard, when you're an old 'Ralph da mouth' ." 

I then asked josh about the "Queens of the trust fund" comments on a dwarves song that Blag raps on. Josh laughed some more & said" I like that song, It's catchy. Blag is like Vanilla Ice, Snow & Kid 'n' Play all at the same time. His dreams have finally come true, he's a rapper! & the best part is... wait, I have a trust fund? Awesome. why am I workin' so hard. I'm officially retired. I have a question, which muthaf***in album of mine is Blag sleeping through? Is it 'Deaf' (which opens w/ him as a DJ ), Lullabies to Paralize (which he hasn't heard) or Good Charlotte's last album (which Blag wrote lyrics for w/ Eric Valentine), I can't tell. Ya know what, it doesn't matter which one, cuz he's Puuuuunk." 

I think it's best summed up in Blag's own stolen words, "play the pussy, get f***ed." Or maybe Josh's are more realized, "I'd rather mop the floors at a peep show, than relax in his limp, bitter menagery of dumbassery. He wants some press, so how's 'gettin slapped like a b*****' read as a headline." 

well, it seems like Blag dreams of coverage have come true. His prayers to have someone make fun of him in his own dressing room have been answered. & his hopes to pen some more Good Charlotte lyrics are just beyond that horizon... 
Maybe the worm has turned. 

Nope. Wimpy just paid for his hamburger.... TODAY!!!! 

Until next time, Check your facts so it looks like you know what you're talking about, stop being the type of person everyone wants to slap & Keep rappin old whiteboy. 

Dr. Insider

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