Ozzy Attempts To Thwart Burglars. 

(antiMUSIC) Ozzy Osbourne had some unexpected guests at his English country home just before dawn on Monday. Two burglars used a ladder to enter the veteran rocker's Buckinghamshire home and after a scuffle between Ozzy and one of the burglars, they made off with large amount of jewelry. 

The Sun reports that Ozzy had one of the burglars in a headlock but the burglar broke free and jumped out of a  first-floor window. 

Ozzy was at home with his wife Sharon when they were awoken by the intruders. Ozzy was quoted by the Sun stating that he went after one of the burglars in an effort to save Sharon from harm. 

"He was a big, strong man - but at one point I thought I could kill him to stop him hurting Sharon. But then I just let him drop," Ozzy was reported to have said by The Sun.

"It was terrifying, I was looking to see if he had a knife. I can't get his staring eyes out of my mind."

The burglars reportedly made off with $1.8 million worth in jewelry, including two gold wedding rings and a 24-carat sapphire ring. 

Police are expected to hold a press conference later today (Tues 11/23) to provide more details.  The Osbourne's three children were not home when the burglary took place. 

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