Roxy Saint Turns Trash into Fashion 

(press release) ROXY SAINT, musician/performance artist/guerilla filmmaker, is launching A most unusual line of clothing - one-of-a-kind dresses made from black plastic trash bags, each one designed and painted by Roxy herself.  The anti-fashionista is calling the limited line "TRASH COUTURE," and the first dresses available, all priced at $55.00 go on sale today at www.roxysaint.com.

The Los Angeles-based Roxy, who shops at thrift stores and makes or customizes most of her own clothes, came up with the idea when her wardrobe was stolen while she was on tour in the U.K.  Financially unable to replace her gear, she got creative and improvised, bought a box of plastic trash bags at a London market, cut out holes for her head and arms, and used acrylics to paint a face on the front of the bag.  "I really liked the idea of wearing trash bags," said Roxy, "because they are totally anti-fashion, and I don't want to be identified by what I wear, but by my music." 

Her first trash bag dress was a big hit on stage.  Such a hit that the dresses became an essential and fun part of her wardrobe. That led to friends and fans asking where they could get her "rubbish wear."

Every one of Roxy's Trash Couture dresses has an original face painted On it.  "Faces fascinate me," Roxy explained.  "I've been painting faces since I was very young because each one is totally unique."  As each dress is, in fact, an original piece of art, some of the few who own one of the dresses display them on a wall as opposed to wearing them.

The Trash Couture dresses are individually named ("Chaos," "Aquarius," "Glitch") and numbered "1/1," and available in various sizes.  Dresses made from large trash bags will come with the bag's original plastic tie to be used as a belt; Roxy has also used the plastic ties to create a handful of halter-top dresses.

Roxy Saint, who one journalist described as "PJ Harvey crossed with Sophia Coppola," has created a formidable buzz in the UK and played the Leeds and Reading festivals this past summer.  Chiefly inspired by Andy Warhol, she is a DVD-only artist, and her debut release, "The Underground Personality Tapes," hit the stores November 16.  The DVD is a collection of ten songs and videos that are vibrant and raunchy, and feature cameos by Nick Oliveri and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.  Already, five of the videos from Roxy's DVD have been in the Top 30 of iFilm's Top Rock/Pop Videos of All Time, having logged nearly a half-million "on demand" streams.

Roxy plans to tour the U.S. in early 2005, but in terms of her new-found career as a dress designer she states, "I've already got my eye on bubble wrap, aluminum foil, and colored Saran Wrap."

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