Radiohead Infuriates Dave Matthews

(antiMusic) [Trent McMartin special report]In the new April issue of Rolling Stone magazine, singer/songwriter Dave Matthews has written an essay on British rock band Radiohead.

The article is part of the “Immortals’ project where musicians write about musical legends past and present. In the article Matthews gets candid and in depth over his love and frustration with Radiohead. “Every time I buy a Radiohead album, I have a moment where I say to myself, maybe this is the one that will suck. But it never does, “ Matthews says. “ I wonder if it's even possible for them to be bad on record.”

Matthews goes on further by saying “My reaction to Radiohead isn't as simple as jealousy. Jealousy just burns; Radiohead infuriate me. But if it were only that, I wouldn't go back and listen to those records again and again. Listening to Radiohead makes me fell like I'm a Salieri to their Mozart. Yorke's lyrics make me want to give up. I could never in my wildest dreams find something as beautiful as they find for a single song - let alone album after album.”

Matthews than adds, “And every time, they raise their finger to the press and the critics and say, nothing we do is for you! They followed their most critically acclaimed record, OK Computer, with their most radical change, Kid A. It's not that they're indifferent: It's just that the strength of character in their music is beyond their control”.

Radiohead are currently working on new material for an untitled album set for release possibly next year. As for Dave Matthews he’s currently working with the Dave Matthews Band on a new studio album that is to be released this summer followed by a large tour.

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