Lindsay Lohan Sued Over Traffic Accident 

(antiMUSIC) Actress turned pop singer, Lindsay Lohan, has another hit under her belt, but this one involves motor vehicles.  Two Los Angeles residents filed suit against Lohan on Wednesday claiming they were injured when Lohan rear-ended them on Laurel Canyon Boulevard last August. 

The plaintiffs, Eddie Pamilton and Ilex Harris, allege in their suit that Lohan "negligently owned, controlled, repaired, entrusted, maintained and operated an automobile as to cause it to, and it did, become involved in an accident or collision, injuring and damaging plaintiffs." 

The suit alleges that the reported injuries have causes Pamilton and Harris continued "pain, discomfort and physical disability." They also seek compensation for the loss of the vehicle Lohan rear-ended with her Mercedes which boasted the vanity plate ILLEGALL.  The suit asks for unspecified damages and compensation for medical expenses and lost income. 

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