Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million To Aid Tsunami Victims, Other Celebs Also Helping

(antiTainment) Actress Sandra Bullock has once again donated $1 million dollars to aid those in need. Last week the actress contacted the American Red Cross and pledged $1 million to help in their efforts to provide aid in the countries hit by the deadly earthquake and tsunamis in Asia and Africa. 

Bullock donated $1 million after the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C. 

"At this critical time, I am grateful to Sandra Bullock for once again demonstrating her leadership, compassion and belief in our global humanitarian mission," said American Red Cross President and CEO Marsha Evans. "Sandra continues to enable our lifesaving work and is a model for personal generosity." 

Other celebrities are also stepping up to plate to help the victims. Tonight Show host Jay Leno has reportedly placed a Harley-Davidson on eBay and plans to sends to the proceeds to the Red Cross. 

The motorcycle will reportedly be signed by Leno and some of his Tonight Show guests. 

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly pledged a large donation to UNICEF. 

Musicians are also doing what they can to help. 

Linkin Park have set up Music for Relief, a charity to aid the victims and donated the first $100,000. 

U2, Coldplay, The Darkness and Franz Ferdinand are all reported to be onboard to perform at a Live Aid like benefit concert in Wales, hoping of raise millions for the relief effort.  January 22nd is the tentative date for the event. 

Boy George,  Olivia Newton-John and Bee Gees Robin and Barry Gibb are collaborating on a charity single "Grief Never Grows Old," which is set for release later this month.

Indie Punk label Thorp Records has joined in the relief effort. The label, home to bands like Blood for Blood, My Revenge, and Down To Nothing, have pledged part of the proceeds from the month of January to organizations adding in the relief effort.

If you want to help, Thorp Records put together the following  list of organizations accepting donations. 

American Red Cross International Response Fund

AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund
Direct Relief International International Assistance Fund
Oxfam Asian Earthquake & Tsunami Fund
Sarvodaya Relief Fund for Tsunami Tragedy
Save the Children Asia Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund
UNICEF South Asia Tsunami Relief Efforts

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