Reel News: In Good Company 

(antiTainment) In Good Company opens this Friday, the soundtrack which includes music by David Byrne, Iron and Wine, Aretha Franklin, Stephan Trask, Steely Dan and others hit stores on Tuesday (Jan 11). 

Here is the film synopsis and a link to the trailer. 

Dan Foreman (DENNIS QUAID) is 51 and his life is good…on the whole.  The long-term head of ad sales at the weekly Sports America has just celebrated the magazine’s biggest year, his wife is unexpectedly pregnant and his daughter, Alex (SCARLETT JOHANSSON), has just been accepted into NYU.  Carter Duryea (TOPHER GRACE) is 26 and thinks his life is awesome, mostly.  Carter is being  “groomed” for his next rung on the corporate ladder:  heading up ad sales at one of the corner stone publications newly acquired by Globecom, the  magazine Sports America.  Carter’s zeal to deliver to upper management doesn’t win him many fans in the Sports America offices.  Dan’s exasperation at his demotion is nothing compared to his incredulity at being replaced by the 26-year-old Carter.  Unfortunately for Carter, his promotion coincides with the crumbling of his marriage.  The new department head’s loneliness even prompts him to invite himself to Dan’s home for dinner, where Carter and Alex have a chance to talk.  Later, when the lonely ad salesman runs into the equally lonely NYU transfer student again, sparks begin to fly.  All in all, life for both Dan and Carter just got a bit more complicated. 

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antiTainment returns! now anti once again goes beyond just music!