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(Kaos) Spain's eclectic and adventurous Locomotive Records will release three documentary-styled two-hour histories on July 19, filled with exclusive interviews, interactive trivia, extensive discographies, onstage/offstage/backstage action and the kind of critical analysis that only "unauthorized" projects like these could muster.

The History Of Metallica: Out Of The Loop chronicles the metal superband's humble beginnings as an upstart young San Francisco thrash quartet on to the death of Cliff Burton and the defection of Jason Newsted. The Metallica story is filled with controversy, tragedy, humor, a myriad of adventures and only the kind of Heavy Metal music that this one juggernaut of a band could possibly produce. The History Of Metallica: Out Of The Loop is a must for all Metallica fans.

Similarly, The History Of Green Day: Suburbia Bomb is a must-see for anyone who loves hard, fast, loud, thought-provoking Punk Rock. Green Day took from the bands they loved-that original '70s punk explosion-and fine-tuned the anger, the aesthetic, into the kind of socio-political vision that permeates their catalog, from the 1994 Dookie debut, on through their 2004 masterwork, American Idiot. There has never been quite such a look at these Cali punksters as The History Of Green Day: Suburbia Bomb.

Before The Dawn: The First Chapter chronicles the rise of this dark goth-metal quintet that spans the gamut of emotions from blistering Death Metal to passionate and atmospheric Prog-Metal to sorrowful doom, sometimes within the context of a single song. Their two outstanding studio releases-My Darkness (2003) and 4:17 a.m. (2004)-are only the first chapter of what's to come. Included on Before The Dawn: The First Chapter is their Night Of The Arts concert appearance, a Tuska Open Air party, rehearsal room jamming and The Journey To Hamburg. Get to know what the whole of Europe has been raving about since their 1999 inception and their 2001 debut Gehenna EP. Before The Dawn is more than that netherworld between today and tomorrow. It's the sound of the future…and it's documented like never before on this First Chapter.

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